Will Your Home Be Spooktacular for Halloween?

Are you excited about Halloween? Is this your favorite time of year?

It is for us.  The air gets crisp, the leaves change color, and then the holiday we all wait for (besides Christmas, of course): Halloween.  The one time of the year where we can become whoever we want, we get to throw wildly creative parties, and we get to scare ourselves half out of our skin if we so choose.  Halloween is definitely the most unique holiday we have each year and it allows our creativity to flow outside the box for this crazy one night each year.

How will you be decorating your home for Halloween?  Do you have a specific theme in mind or do you just go with spooky elements all around your home?  Perhaps you don’t like the scary aspects of Halloween and you stay with a seasonally rustic décor?

No matter how you decide to decorate it will be amazing.  We have found over the years that will a little creative and DIY ingenuity you can make anything work within your own Halloween aesthetic.  For instance, found these “pumpkin” crates on Pinterest.  Wooden crates have so many uses, but this is a really unique idea to spark your imagination.  It is easy to see how wooden props can add to the rustic feel of the season as well as the holiday, but painting them can often build steam for your own Halloween themed décor.


If you do prefer the naturally organic fall look for your Halloween home décor wooden barrels would be your cup of tea.  In this picture (also found on Pinterest) one feels the fall ambiance barrels can provide.  From floral arrangements to a table top or even table legs for a buffet table top made out of a wood slab.









If simply seasonal decorations don’t work for you barrels can be used to house fake body parts or any other number of atrocious Halloween party effects.  One could also use the top of the barrel as a flat surface to place a guest book amid many bloody eyeball floral arrangements as well as fingers dipped in fake blood as pens.

When you have the right props you can make anything work for your personal Halloween concept.

So how will your Halloween go?  Super spooky? Or seasonally charming?

2016-mb-twitter-halloween-retail-display-idea-1 If you need to get some wooden planters, crates, or barrels for your Halloween bash please make sure to check out ours at www.coopersmithandson.com.  We would love to help your party be memorable until next Halloween…

Wide World of Edible Gardening









The snow is finally disappearing giving way to signs of earth.  The ground is beginning to thaw.  Gardeners smell the first scent of spring and are crawling with Spring Fever.  This is when garden planning begins, if it hasn’t begun already.  Often gardeners will keep indoor container gardens to grow what they can during the winter, but it is when the earth comes alive again that most gardeners anticipate their best works.

The New Gardener

If you are a new gardener you may be trying to figure out what plants with which you are willing to experiment.  This may be the fun part, but can also be the most frustrating.  Especially if your first few experiments do not go as well as you would prefer.   Here is a link to an article showing some of the easiest edible plants to grow from Sunset.com:

10 Easy Edible Plants

This article shows some of the easiest plants to try for your first edible gardening experience.  Some of these items are herbs and can even work for a small herb garden if you wish to start small and see how things go.  No matter how you begin there is nothing as satisfactory as reaping the fruits of your labor.

Top 3 Benefits of Edible Gardening

If you are able to work with your soil and grow crops for your table there are three main benefits.  The first is that you will save beaucoup money at the grocery store.  Growing your own fruits and vegetables enables you to go from garden to table without the expensive retail price.  The second benefit is in knowing what you are putting in your meals.  As you are the gardener, you have the confidence of knowing where your ingredients came from as well as how they were grown.  The third benefit is introducing healthier food options to your family.  When you rely on purchasing fruits and vegetables you may not often get the chance to buy all you would like your family to eat; however, when you are growing these items in your garden you allow your family to have healthier options.

Edible Gardening can occur outside or within container gardens.  If you are interested in container gardening for your fruits and vegetables please check us out at www.coopersmithandson.com.  We offer a wide variety of wooden planters to suit any gardening need.

If you are seeking more edible gardening information, please see these links:

Edible Landscaping with Charlie Nardozzi

Beginner’s Guide for Vegetable Gardening

21 Best Crops for your Edible Garden

Allow Color to Refresh Your Life

As we get the first glimpse of spring, we ache for a refresh of ourselves and our homes.  From wardrobe adjustments to suit the new person we believe ourselves to be in the New Year to home alterations for a new perspective; however, with so many renewal options available the process can seem a bit overwhelming. 

That is why it is always to our benefit to get an idea of what is trending.  Sometimes it is just a matter of seeing specific colors or textures to help us focus our energies.  This is how seasonal color trends can help.

Here is a 2014 Trend Report from Elle Décor.

Powerful Hues: Cayenne, Radiant Orchid, Dazzling Blue, Freesia, and Celosia Orange

Calming Hues:  Sand, Placid Blue, Paloma, Violet Tulip, and Hemlock

Color to Your Taste

Depending on your personal preferences, there will be only a few colors catching your eye.  Once you have a focus on the new colors you wish to incorporate into your style revision the process becomes easier.  As your mind begins to imagine the ways you can gain your renewal you will begin to see what will work for your situation.

Adding different colors into your life does not have to be an expensive project.  Sometimes just adding pops of color is enough to sate our need for a change.

Add Color & Convenience

An easy way to add color to your life is by adding inexpensive pieces such as belts, costume jewelry, pillows, or even planters.  Home and clothing accessories come in a wide variety of colors so it is not hard to find items with the accent colors you seek.

The great thing about home décor is that the items are often available in a broad variety of colors so you can customize your item for a relatively inexpensive price.  For example, we offer all kinds of wooden planters in stains to suit any preference, as seen from the color pallet shown below.

Stain Color Pallet

Comparing the colors within the pallet against the trend report from Elle Décor one can see a many color combinations to suit any personal preference.

Now, you may be thinking to yourself, why would I want to add color through the use of planters?  I don’t even like to garden.  Well, the great thing about wooden planters is the limit to their uses depends on your imagination.

Wood crates are great for storage as well as home or work organization.

Wooden window boxes are great to organize your kitchen or to mount on the wall for additional shelving space.  They also make great centerpiece containers for additional dinner conversation.

Wooden tubs and whiskey barrels have sizes to suit any storage or craft need.

Wood cube planters can hold shoes in your entry way or towels in your bathroom.

The beauty of wooden planters is you can purchase the natural planters and stain, treat, or paint them yourself to create your own unique touches of style within your home.

Hopefully this encourages your creative side and offers an uncommon way to renew your house in an inexpensive manner.  The less money you spend on home décor alterations increases money for a clothing and accessory budget.

Now spring will be here soon enough.  Get out there and renew your individual style statement.

Express your style and enable change in your life.

Creative Fix-It: Wooden Planters

Creativity and functionality is the name of the game for any home purchase.  Whenever we purchase personal items, we often justify the expense, especially in this economy. 

How useful is this item?  How long will it last? Is the price equal to the product value?

In other words, we need to ensure this purchase is beneficial as well as functional for our homes.  The same thought process occurs for any garden planter purchases.  This is where the level of functionality relies upon creativity.  As trends progress over the years, it is easy to see how valuable wooden planters are to one’s home.

Upon consideration, one can even make a case for the value of wooden planters within each room of your home.

  1.  Kitchen – For an herb garden.  Grow your favorite herbs in your kitchen and have the necessary ingredients available to complete the recipes your family loves.
  2. Dining Room – Centerpieces for your dining room table.  Brighten up the mood of your dinner table or simply add some festivity to a holiday meal by using a planter as a centerpiece.  Keep in mind, the centerpiece does not always have to showcase a beautiful floral or plant arrangement, but can also hold condiments to increase accessibility for your dinner guests.
  3. Living Room – For storage.  Add a rustic feel to your living room as you increase the visibility of important living room items.
  4. Bedroom – For a night table.  By flipping a wooden planter upside down and using the bottom as a table you have a perfect night stand for your bedroom.  Let’s face it, we all want convenience in our bedroom.  Once you are all comfy in your bed the last thing you want is to have to get up to get something.  Allow your wooden planters to make your life easier and your nights more relaxing.
  5. Bathroom – For space saver.  Bracing wooden planters on the wall provides additional storage to hold toiletries, wash clothes, hand towels, etc.  Using a wooden planter in your bathroom enables convenience and also frees up more horizontal space for other things or to simply organize your bathroom.
  6. Porch/Patio – This space for your home can be a little tricky as it is often open to the seasonal elements and you need to have items that can either be easily mobile or impervious to whatever weather occurs.  Wood planters, especially cedar, are wonderful as they are made for outdoors and are rot resistant due to Cedar’s organic makeup.  On your porch or patio wooden planters are great for a small table between two chairs or as actual planters to provide additional privacy/beauty to your exterior space.

Wooden planters can assist any home or garden situation.  When you are considering a unique way to solve a problem, keep in mind wooden planters are ready and willing to provide a remedy.