Giving A Speech

Giving a Speech Sucks Nine months of planning, calculating, researching and investigating. Dozens, no hundreds of first drafts thrown into the dead zone. Speech after speech, rewrite after rewrite left these eyes staring blankly at words. Grafts and numbers didn’t make sense anymore. Nothing made sense. In a blur of twisted knots, my belly flipped […]

Carrot Cake

The Fate of Carrot Cake is Never Fair.. All is fair? Not when it comes to the last piece of carrot cake, That was waiting right here for me when I was finally wide awake, Because carrot cake tastes quite yummy in the morning or at night, And I have little willpower when it comes […]

Will You Be Our Valentine?

Are you aware we are only eight days from Valentine’s Day?  No?  Well let this be a friendly reminder that you need to do something for the loved ones in your love (This Means You Too!)  You still have time to come up with the perfect gift, but don’t wait too long as this annual […]