Prepare your Spring Garden in the dead of winter

Cold weather is the perfect time for planning your next garden. If you are thinking that you can just grab a few packs of seeds from the local store in April or so, put them in the ground, and you’ll see something come up in a few months, well, you’re mostly wrong.

Being well-planned and prepared will guarantee a successful establishment and production of high quality, fresh, and flavorful vegetables in the next growing season.

I like to Order seed catalogs. There are multiple good companies, so go ahead and order a few. You may be surprised by what you find.

Start diagramming/planning what you want where. Once you have a very general plan – vegetable garden, herb garden, annuals, perennials, bushes, and trees planned out – it’s time to start getting more specific.

We have a garden journal that we keep; It is helpful to draw a planting plan that contains plot dimensions, crops and amounts to be planted, dates of planting and estimated harvest, planting location for each crop, and specific spacing between rows.

Ask these questions for trees, bushes, perennials, and annuals:

  • Do you want to plant any new ones?
  • What Kind?
  • How will planting these affect other plants?
  • Are there any plants that cannot coexist with it?
  • What plants do really well with it?
  • Where do you want them?

Start picking out what you want! I think this is the most fun. I can totally lose myself in seed catalogs. Ordering seeds in the winter months is the best as it pretty much guarantees the availability of varieties that you are interested in growing. Often times seed vendors provide discounts on early seed orders.

Next time you sip a cup of hot chocolate watching the snow fall, feel good that your garden is already planned for a rewarding and bountiful summer ahead.


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