Garden Through the Winter with Container Gardening

Even though the summer is basically over it does not mean that your gardening should come to a halt especially if you live in a part of the country that, sorry to say this, may be having a frost within the next couple months.

That makes this the perfect time to experiment or start working on your indoor container gardening.  Container gardening allows you to keep gardening herbs and veggies throughout the winter even though it may be at a minimal rate compared to your spring/summer gardening activities.  It also gives you something else to focus on as you are prepping your garden for the long winter hibernation.

If you are new to container gardening and are not sure what to grow here is a great article to help you out: 35 Easiest Fruits, Veggies, & Herbs to Grow in Containers.  If you are new to container gardening and just want some advice feel free to check out this article: 10 Tips & Top Recommendations for Container Gardening.

Not only is container gardening good for off-season gardening, but also for people who lack large yards in which to garden.  When you can garden even though you live in an apartment or condo this is a tremendous plus.  Choose your container from window boxes to planter tubs depending on what and how much you plan on growing indoors this winter.  If you are seeking a simple herb garden it may be best to choose a couple window boxes you can set in your kitchen or other sunlit indoor area, but planter tubs may be better if you are going to grow more fruits and veggies indoors.

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