Seasonal Decor


Well, we are only a month away from Halloween.  Do you decorate your home for Fall or for the spookiest night of the year?  Everywhere you look right now there are all sorts of DIY Fall décor ideas from a simple wreath to ghosts hanging from your trees.  If you find us on Pinterest you will see our Holiday Décor board filled with all sorts of ideas to suit any home.

Fall Floral

In many areas of the country gardening may be over, but that doesn’t mean you can’t change your planters over for Fall decoration such as mums on your porch.  You could even use a wooden crate or planter tub to hold gourds, corn, and other fall items.

If you don’t add décor to your porch do you change up your window boxes to suit the seasonal change?  It is amazing how many different color pallets you can use to suit the season.

Interior Decor

Perhaps you are the type who makes your home interior Fall cozy, but not the outside.  The placement of window box centerpieces can truly increase the seasonal ambiance of any home.  Filling these containers with leaves, candles, gourds, and pine cones brings the fall into your home in a classic fashion.

Wooden crates are also useful for storage bins around your home.  They are great to hold wood for your fireplace or wood stove as well as extra blankets with which to snuggle up.  The crates add the rustic feel of Fall into your home in a way that takes up minimal space.  If you have no room for crates on your floor you can always mount them on the wall to place any manner of things on or in them.

Halloween Decor

Some people won’t bother with seasonal decorations, but will go all out for holidays.  There are so many great ways to make some unique Halloween décor sure to blow your neighbors away.  On Pinterest you can find many of these ideas to inspire you.  Once inspiration strikes your imagination can take your décor to the next level.

Whether you are putting fake body parts in a wooden planter that is stained with red paint or adding thick spider webs all around your doorway/porch area there are always many spooky options.  What perspective do you prefer for your Halloween décor? Blood and Gore? Traditional skeletons and spiders? Either way we would love to see your Halloween creations.  Make sure to add us on Facebook so we can enjoy Halloween with you!

Coopersmith crates hallowen.jpg


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