Checking In

Can anyone else believe that we are almost through July? Things have been so busy here we have not had much time to blog, but wanted to stop in to let you know we haven’t forgotten about you and will make more of an attempt to stay consistent.

With The Fourth of July past us, the only summer holiday we have left, Labor Day, will mark the end of our summer. Well, that certainly makes us sit up and appreciate the last month or so we have left of this gorgeous summer weather.

How are you?

So as we try to slow down this speedy summer and hold tight to these late July days we wanted to see how the summer is going for you. Have you found any new farmer’s markets? Have any road trips led you to great yard sales? Or perhaps even to new beaches or camping locations?

How is the family? We are hoping you have been having some great family fun as you make more summer memories for the photo album.

We would like to know what has been the highlight of your summer so far, as well as what you are looking forward to in the upcoming weeks.

What’s new with us!

We have been taking in the sun and having fun doing anything from camping to relaxing by the pool. Being in a location where we have more winter months than summer months we tend to make the most of each summer day.

Watching all the gardens bloom and produce yummy fruits and veggies is a specific highlight to us. Fruits and veggies never seem to taste as good unless you have spent time picking them yourself. There are many berry fields allowing people to come pick their own fruit which often means for every one berry we place in our basket we are eating several. As for veggies, if you don’t have a garden growing, someone you know does which means a wealth of veggie options over the summer.

All of the fresh produce items we can get our grubby mitts on means more creative summer recipes to blend into our nights of grilling. We are hoping you are feeling as creative as we are and will share some of your summer experiences or even recipe experiments you have been having this summer.

If you would like to purchase wooden planters for future planting, please feel free to join us at

6 Foods For Healthy, Glowing Skin

6 Foods For Healthy, Glowing Skin

Organic Shift

As summer is in full swing, who doesn’t want to be looking their best? The skin is your bodies largest organ, responsible for protecting you, eliminating waste, and is the first place you show signs of inflammation when your hurt. How you take care of your body shows through how your skin looks.

You can spend hundreds of dollars on the beauty industries chemical based skin care products, or you can take a look at what your eating. Adding these simple, delicious foods will support your skin’s function and keep you looking radiant, youthful and, well, all around beautiful!

ganze und halbe avocado isoliert auf weiss


Our skin needs fat in order to stay hydrated and glowing.  Avocados are nature’s own moisturizer, rich in healthy fatty acids, but don’t stop with just the guacamole! Avocado face masks give you the benefits both inside and out.  Mash ½ a soft avocado with a fork. Stir together 1 tbsp…

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