The Heat of Summer

Can anyone else believe that we are almost into August? Even though we have had some higher temps than normal it is still better than a snow storm, which by the way we are still over.  There have been some longer than usual lasting heat waves as well as tornadoes through the Midwest, but overall this summer hasn’t been so bad thus far.

How has your summer been going? Is your garden growing well?  We would love to see pics of your beautiful blooms and bountiful edibles.

Feast or Famine?

Are you having a drought or flooding in your area wreaking havoc on your produce?

If you live in a high drought area do you try to garden items that do not need a lot of water?  Or how do you deal with the fact that water is minimal? Have you learned any gardening tricks you could share with others in your same position?

We found this article from Better Homes & Gardens discussing drought tolerant perennials so you can have some options if drought has got your gardening in a chokehold.  At least if you haven’t learned any drought gardening tricks you can have an idea of some perennials you can plant that don’t need a lot of water to survive.  Now if your plants are more on the edible side here is an article from Veggie Gardener regarding veggies that thrive in a drought.

If you have learned about more blooms and edibles that produce well in under minimal water allowance make sure you throw out some tips for gardeners in need.

Climate Change

Climate change has always been a topic on the table for discussion, but it seems over the past few months the conversation has leveled up.  With these conversations come the ever internal thought processes of how you, as an individual, can do your part.  We all know that composting is a great way to minimize waste, add nutrients to your soil and edibles, as well as minimize use of water when used as mulch.

If you have been seeking new ways to minimize your carbon footprint so you can do your part for the environment we found this article by The Global Compost Project, “How To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint.”

Guess that is enough of the heavy for now.  Hope all of you are having amazing summers and are having a lot of fun with family and friends!  ‘Til Next Time & remember if you find the time & wish to find us: @CoopersmithSon on Twitter or on Facebook.

Wide World of Edible Gardening









The snow is finally disappearing giving way to signs of earth.  The ground is beginning to thaw.  Gardeners smell the first scent of spring and are crawling with Spring Fever.  This is when garden planning begins, if it hasn’t begun already.  Often gardeners will keep indoor container gardens to grow what they can during the winter, but it is when the earth comes alive again that most gardeners anticipate their best works.

The New Gardener

If you are a new gardener you may be trying to figure out what plants with which you are willing to experiment.  This may be the fun part, but can also be the most frustrating.  Especially if your first few experiments do not go as well as you would prefer.   Here is a link to an article showing some of the easiest edible plants to grow from

10 Easy Edible Plants

This article shows some of the easiest plants to try for your first edible gardening experience.  Some of these items are herbs and can even work for a small herb garden if you wish to start small and see how things go.  No matter how you begin there is nothing as satisfactory as reaping the fruits of your labor.

Top 3 Benefits of Edible Gardening

If you are able to work with your soil and grow crops for your table there are three main benefits.  The first is that you will save beaucoup money at the grocery store.  Growing your own fruits and vegetables enables you to go from garden to table without the expensive retail price.  The second benefit is in knowing what you are putting in your meals.  As you are the gardener, you have the confidence of knowing where your ingredients came from as well as how they were grown.  The third benefit is introducing healthier food options to your family.  When you rely on purchasing fruits and vegetables you may not often get the chance to buy all you would like your family to eat; however, when you are growing these items in your garden you allow your family to have healthier options.

Edible Gardening can occur outside or within container gardens.  If you are interested in container gardening for your fruits and vegetables please check us out at  We offer a wide variety of wooden planters to suit any gardening need.

If you are seeking more edible gardening information, please see these links:

Edible Landscaping with Charlie Nardozzi

Beginner’s Guide for Vegetable Gardening

21 Best Crops for your Edible Garden

Growing Healthier Lives

Even though we may not live in areas where we have acres of land to garden, we can still provide for our families.  Surprisingly, or maybe not depending on your gardening experience, many vegetables and herbs thrive easily within container gardens.  This ability enables us to offer a variety of tasty goodness at our dinner tables.

Growing our own food increases recipe opportunities as well as the health of our family.  In a world that has gone into a fast food frenzy due to convenience this makes encouraging healthier food choices cheaper and easier.

Inspire “old school” values of family dinners and quality time for your family by offering tasty, healthy goodness during the busy week.  Vegetables grown at home makes meal choices easier for the busy parent with too many meetings as well as chauffeuring the kids.  Container gardening also allows everyone to participate in the gardening experience by helping for a few hours each week to prep herbs and vegetables for the upcoming week’s meals.

All parents want their children to nurture their bodies and create healthy eating habits to help them throughout life.  Obesity has been a major issue within the United States and finding different avenues or opportunities to ensure your kids are fed in a healthier manner allows you to teach your kids better eating habits so they may not fall into your “bad food” patterns.

Whether you are an avid gardener or a rookie, container gardening is a viable option.  With the whole family assisting in the project the garden is more likely to flourish so you can reap the rewards.  Some of the easiest vegetables to grow are green beans, peas, carrots, and cucumbers.  Basil, Dill, Thyme, and Parsley are among the easiest herbs one can garden.

Open the door to new meal options by planning your container garden today.  Save money and live healthier by setting aside some time a few days a week to tend your garden.  Your loved ones will thank you for it and so will their bodies.  Encourage an exciting dinnertime with meals you never thought you could create at home.  Garden your way to a better life.

For more information on the easiest items to grow as well as recipe options please see 13 Easy to Grow Herbs & Vegetables article from Eating Well

If you need wooden planters, come visit us at  We have a wide variety of planters to suit a variety of gardening spaces.

Container Gardening: A Trend That Makes Sense

We Want A Garden & We Want It Now!

No matter where you are in the world, at some point, there is a time when gardening is not optimal in your area.  That is why container gardening is a great solution for any lifelong or would-be gardener.  While you are patiently waiting for the ground to thaw or the soil to dry out you can be enjoying gardening without missing a seed.

Trendy & Convenient

Container gardening also happens to be a popular trend in 2014, so it seems everyone is sowing the planter towards gardening freedom.  Whether you are growing herbs for your delicious home cooking or creating a beautiful floral arrangement to distract you from the bleakness outdoors, container gardening is for you.

It is perfect for people who don’t have the luxury of a spacious backyard.  Set a raised planter on your balcony, in your entryway, or even in your kitchen to grant your gardening fix.  If you want to start small, window boxes are perfect start-up planters.

All Gardeners Welcome

Gardening is not just for people living in the country any longer.  It is becoming more commonplace for city dwellers to join in the growing fun; especially, as there are many health, as well as economic, benefits to growing your own veggies.

Cedar Container Garden Planter Growing Lettuce

Benefits of Container Gardening

This shifts us right into another popular 2014 trend: Edible Gardening.

You heard me, edible gardening.  If you are not aware of this trend, basically it is the general idea of farming brought back to popularity by all the health and money conscious gardeners out there.  Growing your own herbs, vegetables, fruits, etc. enables you to choose what goes into your body.  It also gives you the power of providing organic foods without the organic price.

Of course health benefits for you and your family aside, saving money isn’t a minimal benefit considering the current economic state.  Edible container gardening allows you to grow vegetables and fruits for your family all year round as you avoid high grocery costs.

If this blog post peaks your interest in edible gardening, container gardening, or perhaps a combination make sure to check out these informational links:

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