Garden Journal

garden journal.jpg

  1. Keep notes on new plants you’ve never grown before– make a page for each new plant and list it’s species and any specific information from the plant tag. Go online and research any additional things you need to know to be successful growing it.
  2. Have a page just for first and last frost dates in your yard. Even though you can find the average first and last frost dates for your area, your particular yard has it’s own micro climate. Even parts of your yard will have their own micro climate.
  3. It’s all about dates – A garden journal is a great place to keep important garden milestones. When was the garden soil dry enough to do a first tilling, when were you able to actually plant the garden. Patterns will emerge.
  4. Make notes of weather patterns  – has this been an exceptionally wet or dry season in your area?
  5. Keep detailed planting notes and crop rotation schedules for all your vegetable beds.
  6. Are there any new techniques you want to try? Keep a page for all the new ideas you run across while you are doing garden research. These might include greenhouse gardening, lasagna gardening or natural pest control methods.  It could also be a reminder about a specific pin that you want to go back and look at.
  7. Keep notes about the specific seeds that you’ve planted. When did you start those heirloom tomatoes?  What kind of lighting did they require for optimum growing? When were they ready to go out in the garden? Did you start them too early or too late…
  8. Keep notes about your container gardening exploits. List the type of plant and the container you chose for it. How did it do? Were there specific watering requirements.
  9. Keep a fertilizing schedule for individual plant groupings and vegetable beds, then keep track of the results and when you need to schedule the next fertilizing date.
  10. Write about your failures. Did you try a new technique that was a disaster? maybe you planted in the wrong place or added too much fertilizer.

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