March Thaw Brings April Blooms

We have all heard April showers bring May flowers, but what about the April blooms we seem to pass by?  When the ground begins to thaw in March and the temps begin to rise what flowers does the spring thaw bring?  For an expanded list please see this link from Love to Know Garden:

Flowers by Month



At the top of this list for April blooms is the Daffodil.  When we think of the daffodil we see a beautiful bright sunshine yellow, but this flower actually comes in a variety of colors and shades.  It is normally one of the first flowers to be seen at the end of a long winter so it is a welcome omen of warmer times to come.

As this flower offers a wide variety of shades it can be used in almost any arrangement or garden.  It is a strong flower and can grow just about anywhere so it is a great choice for the new or veteran gardener.  The broad color variety can even assist with the creation of a garden of only daffodils.



The next flower on the list is another popular flower, the Rhododendron.  This flower is also known as the Alpine Rose and comes in four colors: white, rose, pink, and purple.  It is another welcome sight during the month of April, although less a known sign of spring than the daffodil.

The rhododendron seems to have more plant protocol than the daffodil so may be more suited to gardeners who are willing to experiment so they can get the plant to grow correctly.  Once the plant is settled however; it seems easy to maintain.   

These are just two of the beautiful blooms that arise in April.  Do you have other favorites? Or even some planting advice if people are seeking to plant one of these plants?

Happy Planting!

If you want more information on Daffodils aka Narcissus please check out this link: Daffodil Flower Information

If you want more information on Rhododendrons aka Alpine Roses please check out this link: Rhododendron Information from The Flower Expert

If you have interest in wooden planters please feel free to check us out at


Five Of Worst Healthy Foods For Your Body

Five Of Worst Healthy Foods For Your Body

Great information regarding Healthy Foods…

Organic Shift

What do you mean, 5 of the worst healthy foods for your body? Doesn’t really sound right? These days a lot of foods are made to sound much healthier than they actually are. In fact, some of the healthiest-sounding foods our there are anything but. Here’s what made the list.


1) Diet Soda

Deep down I think most of us know that diet sodas aren’t actually a health food, rather a calorie-free beverage that’s available to pacify the desire for something sugary. Loaded with artificial sweeteners, like aspartame and sucralose, it should come as no surprise that too much (or any) is not good. But it turns out that, too many diet sodas can actually increase weight and be bad for your heart. Findings from a a recent study presented at the American College of Cardiology’s 63rd Annual Scientific Session showed that postmenopausal women who consumed two or more diet…

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Wide World of Edible Gardening









The snow is finally disappearing giving way to signs of earth.  The ground is beginning to thaw.  Gardeners smell the first scent of spring and are crawling with Spring Fever.  This is when garden planning begins, if it hasn’t begun already.  Often gardeners will keep indoor container gardens to grow what they can during the winter, but it is when the earth comes alive again that most gardeners anticipate their best works.

The New Gardener

If you are a new gardener you may be trying to figure out what plants with which you are willing to experiment.  This may be the fun part, but can also be the most frustrating.  Especially if your first few experiments do not go as well as you would prefer.   Here is a link to an article showing some of the easiest edible plants to grow from

10 Easy Edible Plants

This article shows some of the easiest plants to try for your first edible gardening experience.  Some of these items are herbs and can even work for a small herb garden if you wish to start small and see how things go.  No matter how you begin there is nothing as satisfactory as reaping the fruits of your labor.

Top 3 Benefits of Edible Gardening

If you are able to work with your soil and grow crops for your table there are three main benefits.  The first is that you will save beaucoup money at the grocery store.  Growing your own fruits and vegetables enables you to go from garden to table without the expensive retail price.  The second benefit is in knowing what you are putting in your meals.  As you are the gardener, you have the confidence of knowing where your ingredients came from as well as how they were grown.  The third benefit is introducing healthier food options to your family.  When you rely on purchasing fruits and vegetables you may not often get the chance to buy all you would like your family to eat; however, when you are growing these items in your garden you allow your family to have healthier options.

Edible Gardening can occur outside or within container gardens.  If you are interested in container gardening for your fruits and vegetables please check us out at  We offer a wide variety of wooden planters to suit any gardening need.

If you are seeking more edible gardening information, please see these links:

Edible Landscaping with Charlie Nardozzi

Beginner’s Guide for Vegetable Gardening

21 Best Crops for your Edible Garden

Easter Excitement

Are you celebrating Easter? If so, Easter falls on April 20th this year.

Easter has a different date every year, but it is always the first American holiday to fall after the vernal equinox, or official first day of spring.  According to, Easter always falls on the first Sunday after the vernal equinox’s first full moon occurs.  Easter has always been a religious holiday whether it was pagan or Christian, but nowadays it is more of a fun holiday for the masses to enjoy. 

With this fun in mind, we decided to find a few DIY projects we thought would add a more festive ambiance to your Easter festivities.

Easter Bunny 


Martha Stewart DIY Bunny Ears

Here is a fun way to make your little ones feel like a bunny.  This project requires minimal materials and will add to the Easter excitement in your home!  This could also be a fun project to do with your kids so they can participate in the Easter fun.

Easter Eggs

Style Me Pretty DIY Birdseed Eggs

If you want to celebrate spring as well as Easter this is a great way to spread the love.  You will love seeing these Easter decorations and the birds will love that you took the time to feed them.  Celebrate spring by creating an Easter decoration your whole family can enjoy long after the holiday!

Easter Candy



Two Peas and Their Pod DIY Coconut Lemon Macaroon Nests

This seems like a truly unique sweets option for anyone in your family who loves lemon and coconut.  This project requires more effort as well as materials, but it seems like the benefits would be well worth the trouble.   These bird’s nests are sure to liven up any Easter table and increase the conversation at your holiday get together.


Any of these DIY projects are sure to get a smile from your family as well as any guests you may expect over Easter Sunday.  

If you would like to learn more about the history of Easter, please feel free to check out’s History of Easter.