Growing Healthier Lives

Even though we may not live in areas where we have acres of land to garden, we can still provide for our families.  Surprisingly, or maybe not depending on your gardening experience, many vegetables and herbs thrive easily within container gardens.  This ability enables us to offer a variety of tasty goodness at our dinner tables.

Growing our own food increases recipe opportunities as well as the health of our family.  In a world that has gone into a fast food frenzy due to convenience this makes encouraging healthier food choices cheaper and easier.

Inspire “old school” values of family dinners and quality time for your family by offering tasty, healthy goodness during the busy week.  Vegetables grown at home makes meal choices easier for the busy parent with too many meetings as well as chauffeuring the kids.  Container gardening also allows everyone to participate in the gardening experience by helping for a few hours each week to prep herbs and vegetables for the upcoming week’s meals.

All parents want their children to nurture their bodies and create healthy eating habits to help them throughout life.  Obesity has been a major issue within the United States and finding different avenues or opportunities to ensure your kids are fed in a healthier manner allows you to teach your kids better eating habits so they may not fall into your “bad food” patterns.

Whether you are an avid gardener or a rookie, container gardening is a viable option.  With the whole family assisting in the project the garden is more likely to flourish so you can reap the rewards.  Some of the easiest vegetables to grow are green beans, peas, carrots, and cucumbers.  Basil, Dill, Thyme, and Parsley are among the easiest herbs one can garden.

Open the door to new meal options by planning your container garden today.  Save money and live healthier by setting aside some time a few days a week to tend your garden.  Your loved ones will thank you for it and so will their bodies.  Encourage an exciting dinnertime with meals you never thought you could create at home.  Garden your way to a better life.

For more information on the easiest items to grow as well as recipe options please see 13 Easy to Grow Herbs & Vegetables article from Eating Well

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Stunning Wedding Flower Arrangements

Weddings are a once in a lifetime (we hope) event.  Most women spend their life imagining how that day will look, feel, smell, and taste.  This idea of perfection usually means the wedding will include a lot of work, preparation, and collaboration on everyone’s part to ensure the couple receives the optimal send off into their new life.

This means there are many components to creating this spectacular event.  From rings to food, attire to music, everything must be perfect.  One of the most important things for any wedding is the presence of flowers and the ambiance those arrangements enhance for the special day.

Seasonal Flowers

Choosing the appropriate flowers is often something the bride may take under serious consideration, as not only will the reception and wedding exhibit these flowers, but also the bridal party will carry them.  As this can be a difficult decision it often helps to narrow your options by what flowers are in season as well as pricing on specific flowers.

Seasonal Wedding Floral Options from Teleflora

The link above contains valuable information regarding some floral options for your wedding.   As well as offering a valuable list, with pictures, Teleflora has taken the time to mark each option with a dollar symbol underneath to help evaluate the price point of that specific flower.  Even if you are not on a tight budget, it can always help to add seasonal flowers to your arrangements to save money that may be better spent elsewhere.

Personal Flower Planters

Depending on the theme or design for your wedding another important decision is what containers will best suit your special day.  There are many containers to choose from and if you have time you can choose options to personalize for wedding day perfection.

A great example of personalization is to purchase stained wooden planters to coordinate with your wedding colors.  These planters are useful as flower containers next to the seating on either side of the aisle.  Stained deck rail planters would be useful around the altar to surround the couple with flowers and increase the romantic ambiance within the wedding photos.

Not all planters will stain properly because of the material; however, wooden planters, especially cedar, take painting or dying exceedingly well.  You could even purchase the planters you desire in natural, meaning no stain/paint, and customize the color you want for your wedding on your own.  The planters should always complement the wedding colors and never distract from the wedding flowers.

centerpiece valentines

Flowers after the Wedding

An important consideration for any event’s budget is longevity of use once the event is complete.  Wooden planters may be more expensive than other planter options; however, they make great gifts for the bridal party.  Of course, you can always keep them for storage or planting to remind you of your great day instead.  From event décor to gardening, wooden planters are always a smart investment.


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Allow Color to Refresh Your Life

As we get the first glimpse of spring, we ache for a refresh of ourselves and our homes.  From wardrobe adjustments to suit the new person we believe ourselves to be in the New Year to home alterations for a new perspective; however, with so many renewal options available the process can seem a bit overwhelming. 

That is why it is always to our benefit to get an idea of what is trending.  Sometimes it is just a matter of seeing specific colors or textures to help us focus our energies.  This is how seasonal color trends can help.

Here is a 2014 Trend Report from Elle Décor.

Powerful Hues: Cayenne, Radiant Orchid, Dazzling Blue, Freesia, and Celosia Orange

Calming Hues:  Sand, Placid Blue, Paloma, Violet Tulip, and Hemlock

Color to Your Taste

Depending on your personal preferences, there will be only a few colors catching your eye.  Once you have a focus on the new colors you wish to incorporate into your style revision the process becomes easier.  As your mind begins to imagine the ways you can gain your renewal you will begin to see what will work for your situation.

Adding different colors into your life does not have to be an expensive project.  Sometimes just adding pops of color is enough to sate our need for a change.

Add Color & Convenience

An easy way to add color to your life is by adding inexpensive pieces such as belts, costume jewelry, pillows, or even planters.  Home and clothing accessories come in a wide variety of colors so it is not hard to find items with the accent colors you seek.

The great thing about home décor is that the items are often available in a broad variety of colors so you can customize your item for a relatively inexpensive price.  For example, we offer all kinds of wooden planters in stains to suit any preference, as seen from the color pallet shown below.

Stain Color Pallet

Comparing the colors within the pallet against the trend report from Elle Décor one can see a many color combinations to suit any personal preference.

Now, you may be thinking to yourself, why would I want to add color through the use of planters?  I don’t even like to garden.  Well, the great thing about wooden planters is the limit to their uses depends on your imagination.

Wood crates are great for storage as well as home or work organization.

Wooden window boxes are great to organize your kitchen or to mount on the wall for additional shelving space.  They also make great centerpiece containers for additional dinner conversation.

Wooden tubs and whiskey barrels have sizes to suit any storage or craft need.

Wood cube planters can hold shoes in your entry way or towels in your bathroom.

The beauty of wooden planters is you can purchase the natural planters and stain, treat, or paint them yourself to create your own unique touches of style within your home.

Hopefully this encourages your creative side and offers an uncommon way to renew your house in an inexpensive manner.  The less money you spend on home décor alterations increases money for a clothing and accessory budget.

Now spring will be here soon enough.  Get out there and renew your individual style statement.

Express your style and enable change in your life.