Chocolate and Pear Quesadillas for #ChocolateWeek

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chocolate and pear quesadilla by food to glowIf you live in the UK it will not have escaped your notice that it is #NationalChocolateWeek. Not that most of us need an excuse, especially considering that we in the UK collectively gorge on 660,900 tonnes of the stuff each year. No doubt this is small beans {cacao beans} compared to the US, what with it apparently snaffling almost half the world’s chocolate supply – at an astonishing rate of 100 pounds a second. That’s a helluva lot of KitKats…

I’m not quite sure why we need a whole week celebrating chocolate, but at least it is a nice distraction and has made social media less about navel-gazing and more about face-stuffing. My Facebook feed is currently one long scroll of chocolate-related links. The added bonus is that pictures of chocolate creations tend to be nicer to look at than those of green smoothies and kale what-not {guilty, m’lud}.

I’m not always one to get on…

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5 Toxic Fruits

5 Toxic Fruits

Organic Shift

I know just as well as anyone that although eating healthy is the right thing to do, it can leave a hole in your wallet.

We’re all paying a premium for organic fruits and vegetables raised without chemicals and pesticides. But some dangers you’re not bringing home with those organic fruits and vegetables are chemicals known or suspected of causing cancer, harming the brain, and even interfering with growth and development

Pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, and other chemicals are all affecting our crops. Here are 5 nonorganic fruits that could be causing you problems according to the Environmental Working Group.



They’re delicious any way you eat them, but apples recently topped the EWG’s “dirty dozen” because of diphenylamine, a chemical growers use to prevent skins from darkening while in cold storage. You may still find this chemical on apples in the U.S., but the European Union banned the chemical in 2012 because it…

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Kimchi Quinoa Burgers with Jalapeño-Avocado ‘Mayo’ {vegan and gluten-free}

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kimchi burger by food to glowAlong with the nut loaf and the veggie lasagne, veggie burgers have long been the butt of anti-vegetarian jokes. These have also been the claggy, yet somehow throat-stickingly dry, offerings of unimaginative restaurants attempting to cater for their non flesh-eating patrons.

For years vegetarians ate these sad excuses for meals: nut loaves that disintegrated on the fork, requiring mashing up with the ubiquitous side of peas in order to ‘catch’ it; the burger patties mimicking the shape of their meaty brethren but failing oh so miserably in the taste department – unless you like heavily-salted cardboard. Such nasty meals were penitence for shunning the norm. A hail Mary for the culinary sinner.

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