Creative Fix-It: Wooden Planters

Creativity and functionality is the name of the game for any home purchase.  Whenever we purchase personal items, we often justify the expense, especially in this economy. 

How useful is this item?  How long will it last? Is the price equal to the product value?

In other words, we need to ensure this purchase is beneficial as well as functional for our homes.  The same thought process occurs for any garden planter purchases.  This is where the level of functionality relies upon creativity.  As trends progress over the years, it is easy to see how valuable wooden planters are to one’s home.

Upon consideration, one can even make a case for the value of wooden planters within each room of your home.

  1.  Kitchen – For an herb garden.  Grow your favorite herbs in your kitchen and have the necessary ingredients available to complete the recipes your family loves.
  2. Dining Room – Centerpieces for your dining room table.  Brighten up the mood of your dinner table or simply add some festivity to a holiday meal by using a planter as a centerpiece.  Keep in mind, the centerpiece does not always have to showcase a beautiful floral or plant arrangement, but can also hold condiments to increase accessibility for your dinner guests.
  3. Living Room – For storage.  Add a rustic feel to your living room as you increase the visibility of important living room items.
  4. Bedroom – For a night table.  By flipping a wooden planter upside down and using the bottom as a table you have a perfect night stand for your bedroom.  Let’s face it, we all want convenience in our bedroom.  Once you are all comfy in your bed the last thing you want is to have to get up to get something.  Allow your wooden planters to make your life easier and your nights more relaxing.
  5. Bathroom – For space saver.  Bracing wooden planters on the wall provides additional storage to hold toiletries, wash clothes, hand towels, etc.  Using a wooden planter in your bathroom enables convenience and also frees up more horizontal space for other things or to simply organize your bathroom.
  6. Porch/Patio – This space for your home can be a little tricky as it is often open to the seasonal elements and you need to have items that can either be easily mobile or impervious to whatever weather occurs.  Wood planters, especially cedar, are wonderful as they are made for outdoors and are rot resistant due to Cedar’s organic makeup.  On your porch or patio wooden planters are great for a small table between two chairs or as actual planters to provide additional privacy/beauty to your exterior space.

Wooden planters can assist any home or garden situation.  When you are considering a unique way to solve a problem, keep in mind wooden planters are ready and willing to provide a remedy.

Top 5 Benefits of Northern White Cedar Products


  1. Longevity

Cedar is a naturally durable wood.  This is the reason people have built barns, fences, etc. with this wood for many years.  Cedar is a wood that can withstand rough weather conditions and keeps a beautiful appearance as it ages.

     2.  Rot & Decay Resistant

Cedar contains organic oils to protect the wood against rot and decay.  This is one of the strongest benefits to this wood type as it enables anything built with this wood to last longer than most other wood products.  The durability of Cedar can double the life of the built product as it not only withstands the brutality of weather, but also the natural weaknesses that arise as the wood ages.

     3.  Easily Treatable

If your design calls for a wide variety of stains or other treatments, Cedar is perfect.  The organic makeup of Cedar enables it to be naturally easy to stain or otherwise treat.  If you decide that you want to keep the natural wood look with no treatments, well then you have chosen the right wood because Cedar naturally weathers into a beautiful silver gray.

     4.  100% Biodegradable

As Cedar is an organic material, if it contains no treatments, it is 100% Biodegradable, which is great for the environment.  If you prefer plastic, metal, or even ceramic planters they do not provide the environmental benefits many gardeners prefer.  Organic options are better for the environment and provide a warmer aesthetic for any garden space.

     5.  High Quality

One can purchase many different kinds of wood depending on the project and the budget.  Unfortunately, Cedar can tend to run on the more expensive side; however, you get a higher quality wood for your money.  As one can see from the first four benefits Cedar makes the money you put into any project worthwhile.

Cedar Deck Planter

We hope for future gardening or home décor projects you will consider purchasing our Cedar products to enhance your space.


A-1 Fence Company, Inc. – The Many Benefits of Having A White Cedar Fence

Container Gardening: A Trend That Makes Sense

We Want A Garden & We Want It Now!

No matter where you are in the world, at some point, there is a time when gardening is not optimal in your area.  That is why container gardening is a great solution for any lifelong or would-be gardener.  While you are patiently waiting for the ground to thaw or the soil to dry out you can be enjoying gardening without missing a seed.

Trendy & Convenient

Container gardening also happens to be a popular trend in 2014, so it seems everyone is sowing the planter towards gardening freedom.  Whether you are growing herbs for your delicious home cooking or creating a beautiful floral arrangement to distract you from the bleakness outdoors, container gardening is for you.

It is perfect for people who don’t have the luxury of a spacious backyard.  Set a raised planter on your balcony, in your entryway, or even in your kitchen to grant your gardening fix.  If you want to start small, window boxes are perfect start-up planters.

All Gardeners Welcome

Gardening is not just for people living in the country any longer.  It is becoming more commonplace for city dwellers to join in the growing fun; especially, as there are many health, as well as economic, benefits to growing your own veggies.

Cedar Container Garden Planter Growing Lettuce

Benefits of Container Gardening

This shifts us right into another popular 2014 trend: Edible Gardening.

You heard me, edible gardening.  If you are not aware of this trend, basically it is the general idea of farming brought back to popularity by all the health and money conscious gardeners out there.  Growing your own herbs, vegetables, fruits, etc. enables you to choose what goes into your body.  It also gives you the power of providing organic foods without the organic price.

Of course health benefits for you and your family aside, saving money isn’t a minimal benefit considering the current economic state.  Edible container gardening allows you to grow vegetables and fruits for your family all year round as you avoid high grocery costs.

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