Creative Fix-It: Wooden Planters

Creativity and functionality is the name of the game for any home purchase.  Whenever we purchase personal items, we often justify the expense, especially in this economy.  How useful is this item?  How long will it last? Is the price equal to the product value? In other words, we need to ensure this purchase is […]

Top 5 Benefits of Northern White Cedar Products

  Longevity Cedar is a naturally durable wood.  This is the reason people have built barns, fences, etc. with this wood for many years.  Cedar is a wood that can withstand rough weather conditions and keeps a beautiful appearance as it ages.      2.  Rot & Decay Resistant Cedar contains organic oils to protect […]

Container Gardening: A Trend That Makes Sense

We Want A Garden & We Want It Now! No matter where you are in the world, at some point, there is a time when gardening is not optimal in your area.  That is why container gardening is a great solution for any lifelong or would-be gardener.  While you are patiently waiting for the ground […]