September Gardening Tips

Ah, September – the days turn golden and the harvest is plentiful!   Whether you are beginning the process of putting your garden to rest for the winter season or gearing up for a fresh start, September can be one of the busiest months in the garden. Let’s just hope the weather cooperates. Check out these Tips for September […]

The Facts

Alternative facts, that is. If there is any group of people that has learned to accept unpleasant realities—often brought on by natural forces—that group is gardeners. I am pleased to announce that, as of 2017, these are the facts that will be governing the progress of my garden throughout the year: All the bulbs that […]

Beauty of the Gardens

I present pictures of the most beautiful gardens in Maine. To the delight of your eyes:   Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens As one of the many gorgeous gardens the state has to offer, this is a must see if you are seeking a garden filled tour. This garden features 35,000 bulbs guaranteed to brighten your […]