Using barrels to decorate

Barrels are very versatile and they can be used for a variety of interesting home projects. Here are just a few examples to show just how beautiful barrels can be when you use your creativity.

Here’s a table that has barrels used as a base. They each support the table top and give style to the décor. You can add more or less barrels to find the size that best fits your need.

Here are the two barrels in the corner to become side tables and decorations for any room or event.


Small barrels are very cute and they can also be used for all sorts of interesting projects. If you can find one that has the right dimensions, you can turn it into a lovely nightstand for your bedroom.


In a traditional home or even in a contemporary space with a casual décor and a mix of styles, a barrel could easily be integrated in the form of a side table.


Of course, barrels would look great in the garden where they would integrate perfectly into any décor. For the garden or backyard, you can use old barrels as planters or as a stand-alone table.

Barrels also make great use for trash cans and recycle bins. Your garbage never looked so good.


Barrels are just the right size for an adorable dog house… and there’s practically a size for every breed.

Another creative way of using a barrel is to basically cut out just a portion of it and turn it into a frame for a round wall mirror. It can have an irregular look or organic shape.


Barrels also make great props for those Holiday decorations! Let your imagination run wild.

If you are looking to create some conversation in your home, our barrels are just for you. Each one is hand coopered with Northern white cedar staves wrapped with oak bands for that rustic charm.  Our barrels come in their natural color or a variety of beautiful colored stains to match any preference, theme, or color scheme.


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