Summer Is Officially Here!


Finally, today is the longest day of the year, for which we have waited what seems like an eternity.  To make things even better, we are rolling right up on the best summer holiday – The Fourth of July.  Not only is this a super patriotic day, but it is also super festive.  So how will you be spending your July 4th long weekend?


You can’t really go wrong with this option.  What can be better than basking in the sun while you happily dig in the dirt and water your beautiful blooms?  Although it can seem a little too much like work on a holiday weekend when you have to do excessive weeding or plant transplanting.

I am sure we will all do some level of gardening at some point that weekend, but I don’t see it being the absolute highlight of our time off.

Pool Party/BBQ or Some Such Similar Event

Who doesn’t love to hit the pool during that usually sweltering hot holiday weekend? We have always loved the water and I can guarantee this will definitely be a part of most of our time off.

There is a significantly high possibility most of us will end up at some outdoor function similar to a BBQ or party.  People getting together to have a good time with their nearest & dearest as well as some great food is a pretty traditional occurrence.

Fun will be had by all, but if you are drinking adult beverages remember to keep hydrated especially while out in the sun.


This is another great way to spend a long weekend; especially if you just want to get away for some rest and relaxation.  Nature has a way of rejuvenating you and getting you ready for that long stretch of work that occurs after the 4th until Labor Day Weekend at the beginning of September.

Well, no matter what you are doing make sure to have fun, stay safe, indulge responsibly, wear your sunscreen, and check for ticks!  From our mothers to your mothers I think that covers everything!

P.S. If you do happen to do some serious gardening that long weekend, make sure to find us on Facebook or Twitter (@CoopersmithSon) to share your gardening inspiration with the rest of us!


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