It’s probably a safe assumption to say that almost all of us have dandelions in our yard.  This is one of the most common “weeds” around. Sadly, dandelions are despised by most people. However, Dandelions deserve our respect and admiration! This is an amazing plant for us. The leaves, flowers, and roots of Dandelions are […]

Carrot Cake

The Fate of Carrot Cake is Never Fair.. All is fair? Not when it comes to the last piece of carrot cake, That was waiting right here for me when I was finally wide awake, Because carrot cake tastes quite yummy in the morning or at night, And I have little willpower when it comes […]

Sunflowers a perfect gardening project for children and beginners

  Do you enjoy the cheerfulness of sunflowers? Sunflowers are easy to grow, perfect for children or beginning gardeners and come in many varieties. Whether you want pint-sized plants for containers or giants for the garden, sunflowers come in a full range of colors: yellows, oranges, russets, ivory and bicolor. Sunflowers can be enjoyed by […]