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Are we really looking down the barrel of Fall once again?  Now that we are in August it will simply be a matter of time before the kids are off to school, the leaves begin to turn, and the temps begin their slow creep toward what can only be known as crisp.

Leave that perturbing vision alone for a moment and focus on the fact we are still in Summer, the sun is shining, and swimming is still on the agenda.  How is your garden blooming? We have seen such beautiful blooms in our neck of the woods.  The bevy of fresh fruits and veggies at the local farmers’ markets is truly mouthwatering.

Do you begin to adjust your gardening schedule in August?  I am sure that relies strongly upon where your garden grows, but I just recently read an article where they talk about beginning the change of your garden to melt into the upcoming fall season.  This process involves adding some shrubs and other plants with a golden hue to provide almost sepia toned atmosphere for your Transition-Into-Fall garden.

See the article here

What do you think?  Does this seem too much?  Do you have a transitional state for your garden?  Or do you just continually allow your garden to evolve as the weather moves from spring to fall?  I believe there could be some truly beautiful visions with this added element to your garden especially during hours where the sun is just about to fall over the horizon.

Have y’all been having a great Summer? We sure have and we hope to catch up with you on social media to hear your latest gardening adventures so if you find the time to chat find us here: @CoopersmithSon on Twitter or on Facebook.


The Heat of Summer

Can anyone else believe that we are almost into August? Even though we have had some higher temps than normal it is still better than a snow storm, which by the way we are still over.  There have been some longer than usual lasting heat waves as well as tornadoes through the Midwest, but overall this summer hasn’t been so bad thus far.

How has your summer been going? Is your garden growing well?  We would love to see pics of your beautiful blooms and bountiful edibles.

Feast or Famine?

Are you having a drought or flooding in your area wreaking havoc on your produce?

If you live in a high drought area do you try to garden items that do not need a lot of water?  Or how do you deal with the fact that water is minimal? Have you learned any gardening tricks you could share with others in your same position?

We found this article from Better Homes & Gardens discussing drought tolerant perennials so you can have some options if drought has got your gardening in a chokehold.  At least if you haven’t learned any drought gardening tricks you can have an idea of some perennials you can plant that don’t need a lot of water to survive.  Now if your plants are more on the edible side here is an article from Veggie Gardener regarding veggies that thrive in a drought.

If you have learned about more blooms and edibles that produce well in under minimal water allowance make sure you throw out some tips for gardeners in need.

Climate Change

Climate change has always been a topic on the table for discussion, but it seems over the past few months the conversation has leveled up.  With these conversations come the ever internal thought processes of how you, as an individual, can do your part.  We all know that composting is a great way to minimize waste, add nutrients to your soil and edibles, as well as minimize use of water when used as mulch.

If you have been seeking new ways to minimize your carbon footprint so you can do your part for the environment we found this article by The Global Compost Project, “How To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint.”

Guess that is enough of the heavy for now.  Hope all of you are having amazing summers and are having a lot of fun with family and friends!  ‘Til Next Time & remember if you find the time & wish to find us: @CoopersmithSon on Twitter or on Facebook.

How Does Your Garden Grow?

As we creep along the long wintry road toward Spring our spirits begin to lift.  The possibility of a thaw just within our grasp heightens excitement to see lush green grass and beautiful blooms.  Is anyone else ready to throw off that heavy overcoat of cabin fever and move into the sunshine?  We can’t wait!

Everyone is planning their garden, buying seeds, and organizing planters in the anticipation of the upcoming great weather.  The gardening world is once again humming with anticipation of the gardening to come.  All we need is Mother Nature to bring the thaw as well as the bright sunshine we need for our gardens to grow.

Window Box Garden in Italy

Colorful Window Boxes Dress This Balcony in Italy













Plant Personality

We have always found it interesting to see how each individual gardener plans their garden.  It seems at this point in time one can really see an individual personality begin to sprout.  Have you ever taken the time to simply roam through your neighborhood and look at all the different gardening styles?  You don’t have to live in the country to do this.  Even if you are in a large city, take some time while you are jogging or walking to work to notice how the people around you make use of their space.  Gardening is an expression as well as an extension of the gardener’s personality.

Planting Styles

Some people organize their gardens with beautiful flowers strategically planted to showcase a complementing color pallet.  Others focus more on growing fruits and vegetables within their garden plot.  There are also those gardeners who prefer to coax exotic buds and plants to life all year round.   Sometimes you even have the gardeners who hold fascination with a couple flowers and choose to display an entire color spectrum for those flowers.   Finally, one can always find those gardeners with a wide variety of gardening preferences who simply plant what they desire as their whims change.

Bamboo and Orchids Plant Arrangement

Bamboo Orchids Arrangement by Simply Unique Floral Design













Can You Tell?

What types of gardeners do you have in your neighborhood or on your normal route through your area?  Gardens really express different parts of people’s personality from the beauty queens/kings to the health nuts.  Can you guess some personalities?  Do you know people who garden and you can then identify how the garden expresses that individual’s personality?

No matter the vision we all love gardening and appreciate the beauty of each garden as well as the efforts it takes to tend such a wondrous creation.  As Spring moves into Summer each garden will blossom allowing all who pass to enjoy the wondrous beauty of nature.  Here’s to all of you who are counting the days until Spring and pressing your faces up against windows seeking the tiniest hint of green along with us!


If you are planning your garden as we are, please make sure to check us out at for all variety of wooden planters to assist your gardening needs this Spring.


Stunning Wedding Flower Arrangements

Weddings are a once in a lifetime (we hope) event.  Most women spend their life imagining how that day will look, feel, smell, and taste.  This idea of perfection usually means the wedding will include a lot of work, preparation, and collaboration on everyone’s part to ensure the couple receives the optimal send off into their new life.

This means there are many components to creating this spectacular event.  From rings to food, attire to music, everything must be perfect.  One of the most important things for any wedding is the presence of flowers and the ambiance those arrangements enhance for the special day.

Seasonal Flowers

Choosing the appropriate flowers is often something the bride may take under serious consideration, as not only will the reception and wedding exhibit these flowers, but also the bridal party will carry them.  As this can be a difficult decision it often helps to narrow your options by what flowers are in season as well as pricing on specific flowers.

Seasonal Wedding Floral Options from Teleflora

The link above contains valuable information regarding some floral options for your wedding.   As well as offering a valuable list, with pictures, Teleflora has taken the time to mark each option with a dollar symbol underneath to help evaluate the price point of that specific flower.  Even if you are not on a tight budget, it can always help to add seasonal flowers to your arrangements to save money that may be better spent elsewhere.

Personal Flower Planters

Depending on the theme or design for your wedding another important decision is what containers will best suit your special day.  There are many containers to choose from and if you have time you can choose options to personalize for wedding day perfection.

A great example of personalization is to purchase stained wooden planters to coordinate with your wedding colors.  These planters are useful as flower containers next to the seating on either side of the aisle.  Stained deck rail planters would be useful around the altar to surround the couple with flowers and increase the romantic ambiance within the wedding photos.

Not all planters will stain properly because of the material; however, wooden planters, especially cedar, take painting or dying exceedingly well.  You could even purchase the planters you desire in natural, meaning no stain/paint, and customize the color you want for your wedding on your own.  The planters should always complement the wedding colors and never distract from the wedding flowers.

centerpiece valentines

Flowers after the Wedding

An important consideration for any event’s budget is longevity of use once the event is complete.  Wooden planters may be more expensive than other planter options; however, they make great gifts for the bridal party.  Of course, you can always keep them for storage or planting to remind you of your great day instead.  From event décor to gardening, wooden planters are always a smart investment.


If this information peaks your interest regarding wooden planters, come visit us at  We have a wide variety of planters and colors to choose from.