Will You Be Our Valentine?

Are you aware we are only eight days from Valentine’s Day?  No?  Well let this be a friendly reminder that you need to do something for the loved ones in your love (This Means You Too!)  You still have time to come up with the perfect gift, but don’t wait too long as this annual […]

Summer Is Officially Here!

Finally, we are in our first week of official summer, for which we have waited what seems like an eternity.  To make things even better, we are rolling right up on the best Summer holiday – The Fourth of July.  Not only is this a super patriotic day, but it is also super festive.  So […]

Picture Yourself the Color of Health

Did You Know…That June is National Fresh Fruit & Vegetables Month? Considering this information we thought now would be a great time to get on our soapbox and tell you why you need to eat your fruits and veggies.  Whether you are a gardener or you simply attend the local farmer’s market regularly there are […]

To Compost or Not To Compost

That is the question.  Although I admit an easy one to answer; creating your own compost is cheaper and more beneficial for your family. Why Buy Fertilizer? Homemade compost is best for your garden.  This compost is made from your own recyclable garbage and naturally transitions into fertilizer.  Once your compost has made the transition […]

March Thaw Brings April Blooms

We have all heard April showers bring May flowers, but what about the April blooms we seem to pass by?  When the ground begins to thaw in March and the temps begin to rise what flowers does the spring thaw bring?  For an expanded list please see this link from Love to Know Garden: Flowers […]

Wide World of Edible Gardening

              The snow is finally disappearing giving way to signs of earth.  The ground is beginning to thaw.  Gardeners smell the first scent of spring and are crawling with Spring Fever.  This is when garden planning begins, if it hasn’t begun already.  Often gardeners will keep indoor container gardens […]