Let us help spruce up your front porch


There’s nothing like the sun and warmth of spring and summer after a typical gray and wet winter. And with the warmer weather, come lots of neighborhood walkers, making it a good time for you to make your front porch more attractive and welcoming.

The front porch is a great place for a small garden. Greet guests with color and wonderful smells.

Bring color and joy to your porch and outdoor spaces with our stunning planters.  They’re full of character and personality.  Just one or two plants can really liven it up and make a huge difference.


Use window boxes along the front of your home. Window boxes give your home an instant face-lift.  Update the look each season by changing out a few pieces and you’ll be able to use your window boxes year round.


Place your pots inside a crate for a more vintage look. Crates are so versatile, you can use them as cozy seatings or you can turn the crate on their ends for handy end tables.


We offer a wide verity of hand crafted wooden products for home and garden decor. Pick hues to fit your space and style.

Call us today or check us out at Coopersmithandson.com.


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