Giving A Speech

Giving a Speech Sucks

Nine months of planning, calculating, researching and investigating. Dozens, no hundreds of first drafts thrown into the dead zone. Speech after speech, rewrite after rewrite left these eyes staring blankly at words. Grafts and numbers didn’t make sense anymore. Nothing made sense.

In a blur of twisted knots, my belly flipped and flopped. My brow began to sweat and my mouth grew very dry. One huge bundle of nerves, one packed conference room and a speech yet to be given.

How do people do this, how does one ever get over the feeling of crawling in a hole when put to the task? I stood there asking myself these questions and wondering why I ever said yes. Fifteen minutes later, it was over, only questions to answer now.  The relief was like a house being lifted off of me. My lungs let air out that I had been holding in for months. I stuttered a few times and cleared my throat more than was necessary, but I made it.

Worthwhile, looking back I say yes and no. But to have them personally tell me they enjoyed my speech, well that made this all worthwhile, but I won’t say yes again.



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