Will Your Home Be Spooktacular for Halloween?

Are you excited about Halloween? Is this your favorite time of year?

It is for us.  The air gets crisp, the leaves change color, and then the holiday we all wait for (besides Christmas, of course): Halloween.  The one time of the year where we can become whoever we want, we get to throw wildly creative parties, and we get to scare ourselves half out of our skin if we so choose.  Halloween is definitely the most unique holiday we have each year and it allows our creativity to flow outside the box for this crazy one night each year.

How will you be decorating your home for Halloween?  Do you have a specific theme in mind or do you just go with spooky elements all around your home?  Perhaps you don’t like the scary aspects of Halloween and you stay with a seasonally rustic décor?

No matter how you decide to decorate it will be amazing.  We have found over the years that will a little creative and DIY ingenuity you can make anything work within your own Halloween aesthetic.  For instance, found these “pumpkin” crates on Pinterest.  Wooden crates have so many uses, but this is a really unique idea to spark your imagination.  It is easy to see how wooden props can add to the rustic feel of the season as well as the holiday, but painting them can often build steam for your own Halloween themed décor.


If you do prefer the naturally organic fall look for your Halloween home décor wooden barrels would be your cup of tea.  In this picture (also found on Pinterest) one feels the fall ambiance barrels can provide.  From floral arrangements to a table top or even table legs for a buffet table top made out of a wood slab.









If simply seasonal decorations don’t work for you barrels can be used to house fake body parts or any other number of atrocious Halloween party effects.  One could also use the top of the barrel as a flat surface to place a guest book amid many bloody eyeball floral arrangements as well as fingers dipped in fake blood as pens.

When you have the right props you can make anything work for your personal Halloween concept.

So how will your Halloween go?  Super spooky? Or seasonally charming?

2016-mb-twitter-halloween-retail-display-idea-1 If you need to get some wooden planters, crates, or barrels for your Halloween bash please make sure to check out ours at www.coopersmithandson.com.  We would love to help your party be memorable until next Halloween…


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