How Is Your Gardening Season Going?



We have been seeing so many beautiful gardens around here and the bountiful farmer’s markets to prove it.  Even areas that are suffering from drought seem to be doing relatively well.

So how are you fruit, veggies, herbs, and blooms doing this year? Were you stuck in a flooded area?  Or perhaps one of the drought zones?  The weather this year has been a trial for everyone, but it seems that most people fared well through it all.

Fall Is Coming!

Now we are into September with just a few short days until fall officially returns.  Everyone is beginning to clean up their gardens as well as begin planting for spring.  Many of you are knee deep in composting efforts as you are completing all of your fall gardening chores.  Once you begin getting your garden ready for the first frost do you stop gardening or do you continue on by using container gardening as your method of choice?

Container Gardening

Container gardening  is always a great option as you can still enjoy homegrown foods you love as well as freshly cut blooms all year round.  If you do participate in container gardening, where do you place your planters?  On your porch? Mud room? Kitchen?  Where do you find you receive the best gardening results?

Produce Preservation

Often if container gardening is not your thing you will preserve your garden surplus so you will have fresh produce all winter long.  There are a lot of great online tutorials if you have never canned before as well as tutorials for canning many different fruits and veggies.  If you feel unsure you can just google it, which is so much easier than the trial and error our ancestors went through each year with their preserves.

Reach Out To Us!

No matter how you are dealing with your garden we would love to hear from you.  Any tricks, tips, or growing pains?  Let us know we love to hear it all!

If you are in need of new wooden planters or even a wood compost bin please check us out at to browse all of our products.


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