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Are we really looking down the barrel of Fall once again?  Now that we are in August it will simply be a matter of time before the kids are off to school, the leaves begin to turn, and the temps begin their slow creep toward what can only be known as crisp.

Leave that perturbing vision alone for a moment and focus on the fact we are still in Summer, the sun is shining, and swimming is still on the agenda.  How is your garden blooming? We have seen such beautiful blooms in our neck of the woods.  The bevy of fresh fruits and veggies at the local farmers’ markets is truly mouthwatering.

Do you begin to adjust your gardening schedule in August?  I am sure that relies strongly upon where your garden grows, but I just recently read an article where they talk about beginning the change of your garden to melt into the upcoming fall season.  This process involves adding some shrubs and other plants with a golden hue to provide almost sepia toned atmosphere for your Transition-Into-Fall garden.

See the article here

What do you think?  Does this seem too much?  Do you have a transitional state for your garden?  Or do you just continually allow your garden to evolve as the weather moves from spring to fall?  I believe there could be some truly beautiful visions with this added element to your garden especially during hours where the sun is just about to fall over the horizon.

Have y’all been having a great Summer? We sure have and we hope to catch up with you on social media to hear your latest gardening adventures so if you find the time to chat find us here: @CoopersmithSon on Twitter or on Facebook.



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