Kimchi Quinoa Burgers with Jalapeño-Avocado ‘Mayo’ {vegan and gluten-free}

food to glow

kimchi burger by food to glowAlong with the nut loaf and the veggie lasagne, veggie burgers have long been the butt of anti-vegetarian jokes. These have also been the claggy, yet somehow throat-stickingly dry, offerings of unimaginative restaurants attempting to cater for their non flesh-eating patrons.

For years vegetarians ate these sad excuses for meals: nut loaves that disintegrated on the fork, requiring mashing up with the ubiquitous side of peas in order to ‘catch’ it; the burger patties mimicking the shape of their meaty brethren but failing oh so miserably in the taste department – unless you like heavily-salted cardboard. Such nasty meals were penitence for shunning the norm. A hail Mary for the culinary sinner.

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