Eggs or Egg Whites: Which is the Healthy Choice?

Organic Shift

They’re affordable. They’re available widely in organic form. They’re versatile. They’re nutritious and protein-packed.

Eggs have all the traits of a perfect food, but we can’t agree on one thing about them. Should we eat them whole or with the yolks removed?

The knee-jerk answer has been, for years, to eat the egg white. If you dig further into the issue, though, it becomes apparent that there may be more benefits to eating whole eggs than we think.

One popular argument against yolks is tied to cholesterol content. Each eggs packs a mighty 200 mg of cholesterol, but this number is misleading. Remember, there is “good” cholesterol (HDL) and “bad” cholesterol (LDL). Researchers at the University of Connecticut concluded that eggs actually improve HDL. Harvard researchers agreed, concluding that daily egg consumption in healthy individuals doesn’t increase risk of coronary heart disease.

Another core argument for removing the…

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