Cold-Pressed Juice: Should It Be Your New Main Squeeze?

Organic Shift

One of the big new health crazes that’s popping up in juice bars and coffeehouses across the country: cold-pressed juice. These juices tout a multitude of benefits such as detox and cleansing, immunity boosting, superior nutrition, “live enzymes” and weight loss. Cold-Pressed juice has really become the darling of the natural health industry – and it looks to continue with its momentum.

Consumers continue to line up to devour these drinks even at the significant cost. It is the that hefty premium ($12 per bottle some places) that has kept many people from giving it a try.

Closeup of Fresh Red Beet Juice

Kate Geagan, an award winning dietician and author broke down cold-pressed juices, Enjoy!

The Basics: What Is It?

Like the coffee bar, the juice category now has an entirely unique vocabulary that’s sprouted up around it. Here’s a quick primer:

  • Traditional juice: Found in the grocery store or other outlets, traditional juice is…

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