Picture Yourself the Color of Health

Did You Know…That June is National Fresh Fruit & Vegetables Month?

Considering this information we thought now would be a great time to get on our soapbox and tell you why you need to eat your fruits and veggies.  Whether you are a gardener or you simply attend the local farmer’s market regularly there are some things to keep in mind.

Now, we know what you are thinking…”Really? I know vegetables are good for me.  I try to eat fruit every day.  I do not need a sermon on the benefits.”  Hey, we get it.  As we were growing up our parents made it plain that fruits and vegetables would make us healthy; however, they never explained to us the rainbow of health benefits.

This is not a new idea or method, but it certainly makes it easier to monitor our healthy food intake.  Fruits and vegetables come in a rainbow of colors and each color represents specific foods and nutritional benefits. 

Red – Helps protect against specific types of cancers as well as assist with Vitamin A & C intake

Orange – Helps bones, eyes, and immune system health

Yellow & Green – Helps prevent loss of sight as a consequence of the aging process and provides wealth of vitamins for your body

Dark Green – Helps prevention of cancerous cells and aids in in cell reproduction

Deep Purple, Blue & Red – Helps with healthy brain and heart function

For more specifics please see these articles:

Color Me Healthy by Souplantation.com

We can understand that providing your body with enough nutrients each day can be tricky so we wanted to offer this article we found from Michigan State University with helpful tips to increase healthy food intake as well as give you a way to track how much healthy food we eat normally.

Fresh Fruit & Veggie Tracker/Tips from Michigan State University

We found these articles extremely helpful in our healthy food research…Please feel free to mention others that help support living a healthier lifestyle.



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