To Compost or Not To Compost

That is the question.  Although I admit an easy one to answer; creating your own compost is cheaper and more beneficial for your family.


Why Buy Fertilizer?

Homemade compost is best for your garden.  This compost is made from your own recyclable garbage and naturally transitions into fertilizer.  Once your compost has made the transition your plants will love this fertilizer.  All natural components with a bevy of nutrients to increase the soil as well as increase plant health.  Considering all of these benefits the monetary savings is just the icing on the cake.  No longer will you have to travel and purchase expensive fertilizer as you can create your own.

How Does it Help Soil?

As you are creating homemade compost you are using your own recyclable garbage.  This means that your compost creation occurs over a natural amount of time in a traditional manner.  Once the compost is ready to fertilize your garden it is adding a wide variety of nutrients.  These all-natural nutrients are beneficial to aid soil structure and even fight off plant disease.   The compost makes your soil stronger, which in turn creates growth of more beneficial plants.

For More Information on Composting:

Home Guides – How Composting Helps the Environment

Magic Soil – Economic Benefits of Composting

If this information increases your interest in creating your own compost and you are seeking a compost bin please check out ours here: Coopersmith & Son – Cedar Compost Bin.  This item is currently on special so order yours today! 


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