Will Your Mom Know?

Will your Mother know how much you love her on Mother’s Day or any other day this year?  If you have to ponder this question you may want to consider doing something special your Mother will appreciate this Mother’s Day.



Flowers are a solid standby for any Mother’s Day.  All women enjoy flowers, unless they are allergic.  If your Mother is not allergic and has always loved having beautiful blooms around her home this may be the way to go.  Floral arrangements can be relatively expensive depending on the flowers you choose for the bouquet; however, your Mother would not want you to spend beyond your means.  Find something your Mom will love and won’t break your bank to gift.

Advantages: Floral arrangements are a beautiful option to add color within every space.  They add fragrance to any room and will remind your Mother of your love.

Disadvantages: As stated above, flowers can be expensive and do not tend to have a long lifecycle once cut into an arrangement.

Edible Gift Baskets

These are a trendy option and will provide yummy snacks for the Mother in your life.  Often we see the edible gift baskets shown on TV filled with chocolate covered fruit as well as other sweet treats.  These baskets depending on size and items can vary in price, but are sure to bring a smile to the face of your beloved Mommy.

Advantages: These baskets come with a variety of tasty treats and are sure to please a wide variety of mothers.  The recipient may be able to reuse the basket once the yummy snacks are gone.

Disadvantages: Giving a basket of sweets to any woman in your life may not be the best idea.  In this society obsessed with unhealthy lifestyles and weight watching your Mother may be fearful of packing on extra weight.  Although she will love the thought, she may not love the extra inches, whether perceived or not.  Also, similarly with flowers, these items are highly perishable so have a limited timeline for enjoyment.

Wooden Planters

Some of you may be thinking, but my mother does not garden and would never wish to do so.  Well, wooden planters are not simply for planting.  You can purchase the wooden planter as a container for your own gift basket creation for your own Mother.  This container will not only set a classy base for any Mother’s Day gift, but it will provide home décor or storage options long past that special day.

Advantages: Wood is a long lasting material.  The container has uses only limited by the imagination of the recipient.  You can personalize this gift basket to your Mom.  Wooden planters come in a variety of sizes offering a price point for any wallet.

Disadvantages: The wooden planter will have to be filled with items, unless of course your aim is to provide your Mother with a beautiful wooden planter.  Wooden planters can be more expensive than plastic containers.

Here are just a few options to inspire your gift-giving on this Mother’s Day.  Please remember May 11th is not far away so it may be wise to consider your options now so you won’t disappoint her by gifting a last minute thoughtless gift.  With all your Mother does, has done, and will continue to do for you, take the time to show your appreciation with a gift she will remember for years to come.

Do you have more ideas to inspire?  Please feel free to leave a comment…

If you would like to evaluate wooden planters for purchase, please make sure to check us out at www.coopersmithandson.com for a variety of wooden planters & colors to assist your Mother’s Day gift.


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