How Does Your Garden Grow?

As we creep along the long wintry road toward Spring our spirits begin to lift.  The possibility of a thaw just within our grasp heightens excitement to see lush green grass and beautiful blooms.  Is anyone else ready to throw off that heavy overcoat of cabin fever and move into the sunshine?  We can’t wait!

Everyone is planning their garden, buying seeds, and organizing planters in the anticipation of the upcoming great weather.  The gardening world is once again humming with anticipation of the gardening to come.  All we need is Mother Nature to bring the thaw as well as the bright sunshine we need for our gardens to grow.

Window Box Garden in Italy
Colorful Window Boxes Dress This Balcony in Italy













Plant Personality

We have always found it interesting to see how each individual gardener plans their garden.  It seems at this point in time one can really see an individual personality begin to sprout.  Have you ever taken the time to simply roam through your neighborhood and look at all the different gardening styles?  You don’t have to live in the country to do this.  Even if you are in a large city, take some time while you are jogging or walking to work to notice how the people around you make use of their space.  Gardening is an expression as well as an extension of the gardener’s personality.

Planting Styles

Some people organize their gardens with beautiful flowers strategically planted to showcase a complementing color pallet.  Others focus more on growing fruits and vegetables within their garden plot.  There are also those gardeners who prefer to coax exotic buds and plants to life all year round.   Sometimes you even have the gardeners who hold fascination with a couple flowers and choose to display an entire color spectrum for those flowers.   Finally, one can always find those gardeners with a wide variety of gardening preferences who simply plant what they desire as their whims change.

Bamboo and Orchids Plant Arrangement
Bamboo Orchids Arrangement by Simply Unique Floral Design













Can You Tell?

What types of gardeners do you have in your neighborhood or on your normal route through your area?  Gardens really express different parts of people’s personality from the beauty queens/kings to the health nuts.  Can you guess some personalities?  Do you know people who garden and you can then identify how the garden expresses that individual’s personality?

No matter the vision we all love gardening and appreciate the beauty of each garden as well as the efforts it takes to tend such a wondrous creation.  As Spring moves into Summer each garden will blossom allowing all who pass to enjoy the wondrous beauty of nature.  Here’s to all of you who are counting the days until Spring and pressing your faces up against windows seeking the tiniest hint of green along with us!


If you are planning your garden as we are, please make sure to check us out at for all variety of wooden planters to assist your gardening needs this Spring.



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