Growing Healthier Lives

Even though we may not live in areas where we have acres of land to garden, we can still provide for our families.  Surprisingly, or maybe not depending on your gardening experience, many vegetables and herbs thrive easily within container gardens.  This ability enables us to offer a variety of tasty goodness at our dinner tables.

Growing our own food increases recipe opportunities as well as the health of our family.  In a world that has gone into a fast food frenzy due to convenience this makes encouraging healthier food choices cheaper and easier.

Inspire “old school” values of family dinners and quality time for your family by offering tasty, healthy goodness during the busy week.  Vegetables grown at home makes meal choices easier for the busy parent with too many meetings as well as chauffeuring the kids.  Container gardening also allows everyone to participate in the gardening experience by helping for a few hours each week to prep herbs and vegetables for the upcoming week’s meals.

All parents want their children to nurture their bodies and create healthy eating habits to help them throughout life.  Obesity has been a major issue within the United States and finding different avenues or opportunities to ensure your kids are fed in a healthier manner allows you to teach your kids better eating habits so they may not fall into your “bad food” patterns.

Whether you are an avid gardener or a rookie, container gardening is a viable option.  With the whole family assisting in the project the garden is more likely to flourish so you can reap the rewards.  Some of the easiest vegetables to grow are green beans, peas, carrots, and cucumbers.  Basil, Dill, Thyme, and Parsley are among the easiest herbs one can garden.

Open the door to new meal options by planning your container garden today.  Save money and live healthier by setting aside some time a few days a week to tend your garden.  Your loved ones will thank you for it and so will their bodies.  Encourage an exciting dinnertime with meals you never thought you could create at home.  Garden your way to a better life.

For more information on the easiest items to grow as well as recipe options please see 13 Easy to Grow Herbs & Vegetables article from Eating Well

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