Stunning Wedding Flower Arrangements

Weddings are a once in a lifetime (we hope) event.  Most women spend their life imagining how that day will look, feel, smell, and taste.  This idea of perfection usually means the wedding will include a lot of work, preparation, and collaboration on everyone’s part to ensure the couple receives the optimal send off into their new life.

This means there are many components to creating this spectacular event.  From rings to food, attire to music, everything must be perfect.  One of the most important things for any wedding is the presence of flowers and the ambiance those arrangements enhance for the special day.

Seasonal Flowers

Choosing the appropriate flowers is often something the bride may take under serious consideration, as not only will the reception and wedding exhibit these flowers, but also the bridal party will carry them.  As this can be a difficult decision it often helps to narrow your options by what flowers are in season as well as pricing on specific flowers.

Seasonal Wedding Floral Options from Teleflora

The link above contains valuable information regarding some floral options for your wedding.   As well as offering a valuable list, with pictures, Teleflora has taken the time to mark each option with a dollar symbol underneath to help evaluate the price point of that specific flower.  Even if you are not on a tight budget, it can always help to add seasonal flowers to your arrangements to save money that may be better spent elsewhere.

Personal Flower Planters

Depending on the theme or design for your wedding another important decision is what containers will best suit your special day.  There are many containers to choose from and if you have time you can choose options to personalize for wedding day perfection.

A great example of personalization is to purchase stained wooden planters to coordinate with your wedding colors.  These planters are useful as flower containers next to the seating on either side of the aisle.  Stained deck rail planters would be useful around the altar to surround the couple with flowers and increase the romantic ambiance within the wedding photos.

Not all planters will stain properly because of the material; however, wooden planters, especially cedar, take painting or dying exceedingly well.  You could even purchase the planters you desire in natural, meaning no stain/paint, and customize the color you want for your wedding on your own.  The planters should always complement the wedding colors and never distract from the wedding flowers.

centerpiece valentines

Flowers after the Wedding

An important consideration for any event’s budget is longevity of use once the event is complete.  Wooden planters may be more expensive than other planter options; however, they make great gifts for the bridal party.  Of course, you can always keep them for storage or planting to remind you of your great day instead.  From event décor to gardening, wooden planters are always a smart investment.


If this information peaks your interest regarding wooden planters, come visit us at  We have a wide variety of planters and colors to choose from.


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